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Contact your Loss Assessor as soon as possible and we will notify your insurance company of the loss on your behalf.

If you have already contacted your insurance company it is not too late, you can still appoint a Loss Assessor.

A Loss Assessor works on behalf of the policyholder and NOT the Insurance Company. They are an independent professional that works on behalf of the policyholder in the assessment, costing, negotiation and settlement of an insurance claim against your insurance company. Your Assessor will manage the entire claims process, meeting and communicating with the Insurance companies’ appointed Loss adjuster or other representatives, submitting your claim and negotiating the best possible settlement.

A Loss Adjuster works on behalf of the Insurance Company NOT the policyholder. They are a professional who has been appointed and paid by the insurance company to represent their interests. They will inspect the claim and once submitted generally adjust the claim downwards in the interest of the insurance company.

As Loss Assessors we work for you the policyholder in ensuring you receive the maximum settlement possible under the terms of your policy. A Loss Assessor takes the stress and inconvenience of having to deal with your insurance company away and manages the entire claims process , from assessing the damage, costing/submitting the claim to meeting with the Loss adjuster and negotiating your settlement. We will manage your claim from start of finish and navigate through your insurance policy Terms & Conditions, Endorsements and/or Exclusions which are often open to Interpretation or misinterpretation.

Standard Fee is 10% plus VAT of total claim settlement. We work on a No Win No Fee basis.

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