We work on a No Settlement / No Fee basis.

Project Summery.

It is the responsibility of a policy holder to ensure that their property is adequately insured. If under-insured, your insurance policy may not cover the entire cost of rebuilding or reinstating your property in the event of a loss and claim. On the other hand, if over-insured your premium will be higher than necessary with no additional benefit.

Policy holders often make the mistake of insuring their property for its market value. The Sum Insured is not related to the market value of your property but rather the rebuild cost i.e. the amount it would cost to rebuild or re-instate your home should it suffer a total loss.

Insurance Risk Assessment report :

  • We can compile an Insurance Risk Assessment report in which we will review your current insurance policy and outline whether you are adequately insured.
  • This report can then be provided to your insurance broker or insurance company at the time of policy renewal ensuring an adequate sum insured.

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