Repair/Rebuild Management

Uniquely, we also provide a guaranteed restoration and repair service to our clients where required. This gives our clients the option for a continuous claims solution from claims management to a turnkey repair of their property ensuring your home or business is returned to its pre-loss condition using the most up to date restoration techniques.

Insurance Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of a policy holder to ensure that their property is adequately insured. If under-insured, your insurance policy may not cover the entire cost of rebuilding or reinstating your property in the event of a loss and claim. On the other hand, if over-insured your premium will be higher than necessary with […]

Residential Claims

In the event of a loss, your Insurance Policy will cover your home against specific Insured Perils such as Fire, Storm, Flood, Escape of Water, Burglary, Oil Spillage, lightning, Impact damage and Subsidence. By appointing a Loss Assessor to manage your claim, you have a claims expert working on your behalf protecting your interests and […]